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A key lesson that God impressed upon my heart this past year was the necessity of mentoring in my life.  It was a theme in several books I had read and makes practical sense all on its own.  As I prayed through this God showed me a handful of people that I should intentially pursue as mentors in my life.  He also made it very clear to me that I needed to pursue people to be a mentor to. 

This came as a surprise and was absolutely puzzling to me.  I thought it would be completely awkward to seek out being a mentor to others and didn’t even know where to begin this process.  God was completely faithful in this endeavor.  As I approached men and women of God to be my mentors (if they weren’t already anyway) God brought to men for me to be mentors of.

Please understand that my goals for sharing my thoughts on the topic of “Mentoring” has two purposes: 1) to demonstrate the varying roles I have pursued in these mentor/mentee relationships as well as 2) to share the volume of relationships.  I lean toward the school of thought that you can never have too many mentor/mentee relationships in life if your goal is to continually improve yourself and learn as much as you can. 

My Mentors:

  • Debbie Bresina.  She is the Executive Vice President of Ministry Advancement at Dare 2 Share.  In addition to having a fancy title she is my boss.  I am blessed to call her mentor and I’m in debted to her for the countless hours she pours into me and my professional development on a weekly if not a daily basis.
  • Greg Stier.  The founder and President of Dare 2 Share.  I count it a privelege to call him my mentor and friend.  While we don’t adhere to a set schedule of mentoring I heed every word he says and look for where to apply his advice.
  • Scott Barth.  Scott serves as a business coach to Dare 2 Share Ministries but has also granted me an incredible request by being a personal mentor to me.  We meet monthly for coffee and to talk shop.  Scott brings years of experience to the table and I lean on him to help develop my formal business education.
  • Dave Teraberry.  The Vice President of Finance & Operations at Dare 2 Share.  Our relationship on a mentoring level is much more casual than those previously listed but no less valuable.  We will randomly grab coffee on a Friday afternoon and talk numbers – one of my favorite past times.
  • Rob Kelly.  He is one of the Pastors at Northern Hills Christian Church, our church home.  I value the time I get with Rob as he is a trusted spiritual advisor and is able to help me see the forest through the trees.  His wife Carol Ann has assumed the role of big sister in my life and their family has become our surrogate Colorado family.
  • Chris Green.  While this might be more of  a peer-to-peer relationship Chris is a valuable mentor as he and I are accountability partners. 
  • Neva Lamb.  My wife.  Without my wife I would probably lose all focus in life.  She keeps me rooted and reminds me to keep my feet on the ground while I keep my head in the clouds.

My Mentees:  In some ways I could list the entire Sales Team at Dare 2 Share and several others that I have the opportunity to share insights with from time to time.  However, I will keep this list focused on those that I have a formal mentoring relationship with.

  • John Musil.  My relationship with John is two-fold as he is a member of the Sales Team.  He approached me early last fall requesting me to serve his Spiritual Formation Advisor for a seminary class he is taking this year.  At Dare 2 Share we spend time working on his leadership skills that he applies there as well as at his church where he serves as Youth Pastor.
  • Shawn Harmer.  He and I have a unique relationship in that we are both members of the same fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha.  Shortly after I hired Shawn to come work at Dare 2 Share I also picked him up as a mentee through Tim Schmoyer’s Youth Ministry Mentorship Program.

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